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EPOS: An epic series of stories


"If you enjoy reading books with graphic sexual content, explicit language and gory fighting, all set on the much fantasized continent of Atlantis, then this is the book for you" - Sally Atlass


A cycle of 10 volumes of epic adventure

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Legends from around the world tell of an ancient empire swallowed up by the sea called Atlantis. How could such a legend be so universal, yet leave no trace behind? Did Atlantis exist? Where could it be found? Who were its people, and what was their world like?

The answers are here in The Epos of Atlantis. Forgotten until this retelling, this epic cycle reveals the story of Tar Yunkai, Atlantis’ greatest hero—and the bloody, adventurous world he lived in, dominated by mighty Atlantis.


Success has made Atlantis decadent, cruel, and greedy. It has begun to rot from within, its people growing hungry and desperate even as its rulers extend their imperial power ever-farther into the world.


Into this time of conquest and suffering comes Tar Yunkai—a peasant sold into slavery as a boy, grown to manhood in the fighting-pits of Atlantis, and determined to seek freedom and revenge against the empire that tried to destroy him.

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Available in E-book and print formats worldwide.


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In the second book of the Epos, Pirate of Atlantis, Tar Yunkai forms an uneasy partnership with a psychopathic pirate queen. Together they attack the rich sea lanes that feed the floating city of Atlantis’ insatiable hunger.

Their alliance is tested when they learn of a treasure barge carrying the most valuable prize in the entire Atlantean Empire. It might be a death trap, or it might be the greatest heist in prehistory.

If you‘re intrigued by the idea of a wild criminal caper set in an ancient fantasy world, Pirate of Atlantis will make a welcome addition to your library. Carrying on the bold, violent, sexy adventures that began with Slave of Atlantis, Pirate of Atlantis is the sequel that will leave you breathless for more.

In the first book of the Epos, Slave of Atlantis, we witness Tar Yunkai’s capture and descent into the brutal Atlantean fighting-pits, where he becomes the Golden Prince, the most successful fighting slave ever to spill blood in the arena. But his master wants to him dead. When Tar attempts to escape the brutal end planned for him, he is thrown into a far more deadly battle than any he has fought before.

If you enjoy A Song of Ice and Fire and Conan the Barbarian, Slave of Atlantis will make a welcome addition to your library. Its explicit language, violence, and sex is not for the prudish—but if you love vivid characters, an intricate, compelling world, and a bawdy, bloody, fast-moving story, you’ll want to start Slave of Atlantis today. 


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