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Houten & Holleren Editions is a small publishing company started by disgruntled veterans of the 'Big Five' publishing firms who got tired of churning out catalog filler to meet corporate quotas. Our goal is to release interesting, engaging books across a variety of genres, especially by new and overlooked authors. 

We intend to bring back the simple joy of a good book, whether it's on paper or made of electrons. We solemnly pledge to provide readers with quality over quantity. 

All profits go to our creators, not investors. How is this possible?

Our pricing is cost plus author's margin. Using print-on-demand and downloadable technology, we are able to cut out the expenses of warehousing and distribution. With a small staff that wears many hats, our overhead is low. 


Houten & Holleren Editions is a labor of love. We don't love money, we love good stories.

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